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Liner Notes: 

This is another so-called 'skirmish' where a title is provided and you have a limited time to write and record

I saw this prompt, 'leaf' or 'leaves' late, but came up with a lyric and set it to a semi-basic blues groove in about 30 min

Had a little help getting unstuck from Deanna in the chat room- thanks, Deanna!

live recording- guitar, harmonica (on a rack, 'dylan-style') and vocal all at once, on the iPhone


You are a leaf right now but one day you’re gonna be a tree
You are a leaf right now but one day you’re gonna be a tree
Have a little patience one day you’ll see

A little gust of wind will carry you to a different location 2x
It’ll feel strange at first but it’s part of your education

One day the sun will seem like it no longer shines 2x
But there will be another season and you’ll somehow figure out the signs

And when that new season comes, you’ll grow stronger then you were before 2x
Your branches will have leaves, and the circle will be complete once more

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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Love that line about patience! Biggrin Great blues sound and then the harmonica! WOW Mike. Love it

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Sweet blues ditty with a nice message fitted well to the form. I enjoy the energy of your performance. I think this could make a good children's song.

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Nothing like a little 12 bar to turn stuck into song!

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Love the harmonica. Love the tempo and way you tell the story. Great story.