Trying not to Break

Trying not to Break

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Liner Notes: 

I used to write songs that told stories. I still do sometimes, but for years I have been trying to get away from that being my ONLY strategy for writing a song.

So here's this one, like some songs this year I'm not sure what it's about.

The chorus is from an overheard conversation, a guy very calmly telling someone on the phone he was trying not to break. Possibly in some kind of stressful situation, but didn't show it very much.

Fake drums, several electric guitars, fretless bass. Vocal harmonies were fun on this one. Lots of echo.


There was a window
there was a time
the door was open
the chance was mine
but all I could do
was hesitate
I did not make my escape

I know I made mistakes
I am trying not to break

These narrow avenues
blind passages
we are reduced
but we are not savages
there was a time
I thought you were a saint
but I was blind
I see that you ain't

thought I knew
when to be ashamed
from that knowledge
I am now estranged
the time we had
that went unspent
that's the heart
of my discontent

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awesome guitars - great echoes great story leaves a lot for us to think about but theres enough threads to hold onto a fine song my friend!!!

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Love the guitar layers and the hollowness to the sound even so... lots of questions and not so many answers for the narrator!

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Interesting juxtaposition: calm / trying not to break. The music reflects it well with the swirling guitars around the major chords and straightforward vocal on the verses. I like how it breaks more open on the chorus, and those high harmonies and echoes are fun to listen to too.

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Love lovelove the chorusline. Great performed.Very well sunged. ANd nice dist on the guitar.

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I'm digging your guitar tones. And as the lead line comes in after the first verse and before the first chorus (which was a tasty arrangement choice, btw) I'm just struck by the tone and feel. The downward walking bass line is cool at the ends of the verses. I really, really like that space before the chorus. Man, not only your tone, but I'm digging your tunes this year.

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Well there's certainly nothing wrong with lots of echo.
I like the heavy bass line.
Great "angry mosquito" guitar tone, as well.
Really nice chorus.
I like the slow dreamy pace of this.
Really well done!