Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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Liner Notes: 

lol wellllll...
I came in at about 1hr and 20 min
Had trouble starting this one as I was looking for some related vocals...and I'm not able to record my own right now.
Decided to use my ST-1 Speak & Tweak VST for some vocals, and then chop up another vocal I got from Splice.
Its a pretty basic song, as I am bit cloudy-headed and wasn't really feeling anything more.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This song sounds like it was built with blocks! Really cool effect. FUN.

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yeah the whole effect feels right for the prompt! and it bulds well - very clever and a very good skirmish

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This is really cool. The dynamics build as you add more blocks. Then we get to the breakdown and the drop and everything changes. It all works very well. Good job.

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It's cool hearing what you consider elementary/basic. You know this is pretty damn cool. You have a knack at using samples in just the right way. You skirmish good, dude.

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Somehow this feels it could be in a really cool video. I love the overlay of the building something over the building blocks foundations - and cool when it trurna a darker with the destruction images of crushable and unstable. Really thought provoking and great take on the prompt!