Spare Change

Spare Change

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Fun prompt. Had to change the default direction.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Spare Change

He was disheveled
Standing lonely in the street
Head down, eyes up
Looking for anyone to meet
So he could beg for something
Might taste a little sweet
And ease his pain for the morning

Have ya got some spare change
I just need a little bit
Spare change please
So I can buy a little hit
It may seem strange to you
But it helps me to forget
How I got to not know where I'm goin'

He was bedeviled
By a lifetime affliction
Brought him to where he stood today
Wrapped in his addiction
Refusing to be confined
By society's restrictions
He walks right up to strangers without warning.

How I got to not know what I'm doin'.

I didn't help him
Maybe I was wrong
What could it possibly hurt
To help him get along
Did I really think
It would help him to be strong
And lead him down the road to conforming.

How I headed down the road to ruin.

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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musicsongwriter's picture

Brilliant take on a challenge. A very interesting story to follow. Sad, poignant and believable. Beautiful singing and playing.

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Great song. Bluesy and catchy and good storytelling!

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i though about spare change just as i finished mine! Nice song i like And lead him down the road to conforming.

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Well, we've both written from the same angle, but I like your third person perspective vs my first. I like your chugging guitar that drives the song along nicely.

MarkG's picture

A complex take on another member of humanity. How he got there is an open question, and the song doesn't judge him. It does however pose a dilemma for the narrator, "is not helping him helpful or not?" Very thoughtful lyrics, so descriptive and vivid, and the music is catchy.

kahlo2013's picture

Wonderful bluesy feel and compelling lyrics that confront and cahallenge us with something I think most have experienced. There is empathy, compassion, and questions that come through, really wonderful!

barbara's picture

"How I got to not know [X]" lines really help to make this song, for me. Also the observation about the breaking of norms in "He walks right up to strangers without warning." The awkward dilemma of deciding whether or not to go along with the request is familiar, and I liked the brutal honesty of the narrator about it.

mike skliar's picture

well done and powerful! and I like the way the verses focus on the person who may or may not help,(wht that great last verse) contrasted with the chorus... brilliant idea and well-realized! a keeper for sure!