Change (skirmish)

Change (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt Change. My guitar work is poor, but my intentions are good.


I’ve come to the moment when a change would do me good
I’ve come to the moment where I got to go, got to go
Let me be heard, let me be understood
That I got to go, got to go
Through a change

We stand at a moment where the truth needs to be told
We stand at the moment where we got to know, got to know
So say it now, let’s be understood
That we got to go, got to go
Through a change

We got to go through a change

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Play that funky music!
I get your intentions, and they have a GROOVE, bro.
Sometimes we got to go, got to go, through a change.
I wish I had a really good guitarist to play solos for me, too.
Nice skirmishing!

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It's nice that you want to change your guitar playing in a song about change. Wink

Nicely done!

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great and goodness when i saw your picture i though oo loose change!!! Very funky and well done - i see the Bowie thought!

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Good toe tapper here. Well spoken concept as well. I thought the guitar was pretty cool.

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I like the chord progression at the end of each verse. The guitar playing isn't bad at all. That last line is catchy every time I hear it.