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Liner Notes: 

The word Change has different meanings. It can be change in your life, change in the country, climate change, change for the better/for worse... It can be also connected with money. So this word is open to suggestions and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with. Thank you to everyone for taking part in this prompt. My music is open to suggestions/collaborations. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please let me know if you would like to collaborate with me. 50/90 is finishing but we can collaborate any time Smile

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love the world-weary, wistful sound to the melody. Acknowledging that change is part of life and yet meeting it head on.

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That was lovely. There was a sort of a circling around, but the change could not be stopped.

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thx Nadia and a lovely piece of music for my very early sunday morning! my favourite style of yours - if there is a real style

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Lots of unexpected chords to reflect the title.

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There is grandeur to this piece. Very solid. Great job. Thanks for the deep prompt.

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A lot of your pieces have a weight to them that is hard to describe. This one does as well, but I like the heavy beauty in the melody and chord progression. A fine skirmish entry, for sure.

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I enjoyed following this on the journey you took. There were definitely elements trying to shift the direction, and subtler winds of change as well, that just resulted in beautiful gradations. I loved the tempo and feel of the basic pattern, it felt rich like a river of dark water.

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beautiful, pastoral, and melodic, with hints of conflict and change....-- nicely done!