It's No Secret

It's No Secret

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Liner Notes: 

Very fast write, but here's my try.


It's No Secret
© Cindy Prince 2018

I get a rush
When you look at me
I have a crush
It's plain to see

I get the giggles
My face turns red
I tend to wiggle
And lose my head

It's no secret
And I can't hold it in
I want to tell you
Again and again
It's no secret..secret

I get chills
My heart beats fast
I feel so thrilled
But do I dare ask?

I have to ask
Though I am scared
Do you love me back?
Do you really care?

Repeat chorus

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Nice concise write. Reminds me of a 50's doo-wop song. Put some delay repeats on that last secret in the chorus. Good fun.

MarkG's picture

Ah, when love (or crushes) were fresh and innocent!

barbara's picture

This is adorable and full of palpable excitement! Great rhymes that all fit in so naturally with the theme, and those short lines feel very peppy.

tcelliott's picture

Short and to the point, but it doesn't lack in effect. This is a good quickly written lyric.

coolparadiso's picture

even less of a secret now ! Lovely light happy uplifting fun song! we need these! excellent

Acousticmaddie's picture

Aaaw such a lovely love story. Love the way you make that extra heartbeat when in love- flow out. Well done.