It's No Secret

It's No Secret

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Liner Notes: 

host AndyGetch
prompt it's no secret

So while we seem to be venting a bit, I chose what came up and did what's next but nonetheless this is the dialed back version!

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


It's No Secret

You can't pick up the paper
Without readin' all about it
Turn on the TV
No one seems to doubt it
Listen to your radio
A thousand voices spout it
We don't agree on anything
Not afraid to shout it

It's no secret
It's not confidential
Ain't no mystery about it at all
Don't be suspicious
I'm not being surreptitious
About how I want the chips to fall

I'm on the side of liberty
For each and every soul
When it comes to government
Got to keep 'em in control
I keep and bear the tools to do it
Not where I want to go
But I'll be there (I'm ready) if we're standing toe to toe.

Got people makin' accusations
When there is no proof
Verdicts born on speculation
Goin' through the roof
Law enforcement escalation
Murder on the hoof
Time like this it's hard to see
How anyone can stay aloof.


©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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MarkG's picture

Well, you're sure not being surreptitious, I'll give you that! Saying what you mean.

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This one arrived complete and quickly. Well done!

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Speak it out and clear. Nice song. Like the edge to it.

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The kind of political song that I like to hear. *raises glass to libertarian themes*

coolparadiso's picture

always a good outlet for views - pity more dont use music! whatever you view it has the power but less devicivness when put through music - as it always has been

kahlo2013's picture

Passion and conviction are important as are respectful inclusive dialog and discourse. I appreciate the tone you took here in not pointing fingers but sharing more about the singer's perspectives and the importance of coming together for the benefit of all. Well written and delivered as always!

barbara's picture

That's some great guitar work supporting this song, fierce and matter-of-fact. Very well put together message.