Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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Liner Notes: 

host metalfoot
prompt building blocks

*** Big Confession ***
The musical background to this is a pre-existing thing I've had around for a while (pre-50/90) waiting for lyrics. The lyrics are 25 minutes today. A lawyer would say to look at it as a lyrics only skirmish. Anyway thanks for the prompt so I could use it.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Building Blocks

Every little thing we learn
Memories keep taking turns
Patterns we discern
As we grow

Time keeps passing by
Folks get born and die
Sometimes we wonder why
Sometimes we know

And it's all just pieces of a puzzle
Walkin' down our path kickin' rocks
Try to make the best of plans
One day we come to understand
Life's a great big pile of building blocks


Setbacks might occur
But they must not obscure
Or lure us
As we move ahead

Over time it might come clear
Just what we are doing here
Evolving year to year
Foundation's spread


©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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I am so happy you put these together because this is incredible!

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Well, in the theme and spirit of building blocks... you used the existing track as a building block for this song! So I'd say that's totally 100% legit. Nice song, too!

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That is good music, I like that guitar playing. And this works so well together. A good lyric write for the skirmish and a good song to come out of it. Success.

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What an incredible insightful song for a skirmish. I'm always so impressed with the way you put your ideas down is such beautifully expressed ways. The chorrus here is fantastic and a wonderful marriage of your music with the skirmish lyrics. I really love this one!!

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This was really great! It's a catchy tune and a great message. Smile

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yes the history seems appropriate for building blocks! excellent take sort of where my head was! I think those that plan dont always realise how hard those that do work to make things right! Great delivery of a good lyric!

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Sounds great, expert lyrics with the prompt...pfft I don't care bout' how old the music is!
I definitely like the tone/texture of your voice here. Goes nicely with that bright guitar.