Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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Liner Notes: 

I thought about a visit with my Granddaughter and wrote this.


Building Blocks
© Cindy Prince 2018

I sat with her
We were both in our socks
Designing a tower
With her building blocks

There was giggling
Lots of fun
Kept building it higher
And then we were done

We knocked it down
Just to build it again
I talked to her some
About wisdom and pain

And I told her...

Build yourself up
Just like we built this
You can do anything
You're such a whiz
Believe in yourself
Remember to stand tall
Remember to be kind
And tear down those walls

I told her she always
Has my support
I told her not to give up
Whenever she falls short

A gave her a hug
We giggled some more
As we sat side by side
Together on the floor

Repeat chorus

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Love the practical wisdom here and the true-to-life building blocks with kids stuff.

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Oh, this is very sweet and has that important message. Our role as parents and grandparents is to build up those we love and prepare them for the future. Great take on the challenge.

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Yay hooray on this idea and message! Although so far I build and my granddaughter does the tearing down LOL

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What a beautiful story. I don't have grandchildren but I do remember being one and playing on the floor. Wonderful sentiment and message here. Great job.

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Such a sweet song celebrating the beauty and creativity of childhood and the love we have for those special children in our lives. Really beautiful, Cindy!

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Thats lovely - as i have said elsewhere - theres a lot of building foundations to ensure longevity of things! Really nice take

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The kindness and wisdom in this is great.
Relatable even though I don't have kids; many kids in the family over the years and I've always had that moment of telling them to build themselves with a strong foundation.
This reminds me of that.
Its tender but strong.