Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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Liner Notes: 

For the folks not in the know, or confused about some of the lyrics:

The whole song is about H.G. Wells, start to finish.

He was an avowed socialist, which explains the viewpoint of all of his science fiction. This song starts with him and ends with him. (Even in "The Time Machine" after capitalism has served its purpose for the ruling class it was discarded.)

H.G. Wells invented the concept of war games with his "Little Wars" book. In it he talks specifically about the importance of large toy building blocks to help shape the play area.

"Little Wars" provides a set of concrete rules to play war games at home with your kids and their toys. Integrating other toys or fruit in to the game is a logical addition.


They say that H.G. Wells was a fan of building blocks.
And he played his small war games with his children.
They used those blocks to create a world.
Then they set out to fight, fight, fight!

He invented the first games like that
and they took off with such, such might.
You could easily see that it led the way
to games like Warhammer 40k.

You know that it is really fun
and the things that they buy go out like sunshine
rolling across the fields
just their soldier's entrails.

And with war games genres bloomed
and it has never been the same.
Tiny soldiers spilling their guts.
Fighting each other for some nuts.

Giant nuts to them, of course.
But regular nuts to you and me.
Those soldiers there are weeping
because they want to see.

That fruit is
some sort of soldier divinity.
All of this playing
upon building blocks.

And the Little Wars of H.G. Wells
became oh, much, much more
as people built on them and they did explore.
For building blocks can be so much fun.

Especially if you
want to destroy Capitalism!
Especially if you
are a Socialist!

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I love the soldier divinity. A little confused on the socialism bit, but I guess it does make sense. I did enjoy the H.G. Wells reference and the use of imagination. It's a cool perspective in the lyric that I really wasn't expecting.

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What a creative use of the theme! Little wars and little soldiers... you have a perspective on these things we don't often think of.

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I like how the story grows a little then takes interesting turns.

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Once again you've taken an unforseen turn with the prompt. Except for the tag at the end, good fun.

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This evolves ina wonderfully intriguing and compelling way! Love that punch line at the end!

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Very powerful lyric - this isnt metaphoric - this just nails it - excellent lyric and some social history to boot!!!

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Deeper use of the prompt. Your liner notes and the lyrics did some educating for me.
I appreciate how you were able to turn this prompt into your mind went here and you fleshed it out. Not something I could do.