Highway to Sanctuary

Highway to Sanctuary

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Liner Notes: 

The glorious sound of the bottom of the 50/90 barrel being scraped for this year ...


"Robots and AI?
Not in this town
Human lives are cheap
Monitoring and fear make a man as programmable as a machine
Only without the capital investment
But there are those
Who find a way out ..."

They took the power out
To take the cameras down
It's time to leave
Exit 39
Running out of time
We travel light

Police cracking down
It's now a prison town
No life at all
Under corporate law
We're in an iron claw
Squeezing tight

Following those who disappear
Taking the highway to Sanctuary

Got to get off the road
Before first light shows
And drones fill the sky
There is a sanctuary
Beyond Highway 3
Or so we're told


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I like the lyric here. From the specific details of exit 39 and highway 3 to the descriptors like "it's now a prison town" combine to give it a pretty concrete feeling. I like the music, the subtle synth accents in places and the way you've built the track. The rhythm and bass work well, even if they are a little bit static in places, and allow the more melodic layers to be supported well.

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Great ideas! Like a mixture of Bowie's Outside and early 80s synthpop!