A Beautiful Day To Die

A Beautiful Day To Die

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Liner Notes: 

I think this one has potential! A tad dark?


A Beautiful Day To Die
September 28, 2018

the sun was shining overhead
clouds were fully formed
everything was silent
the air was still and warm
they walked along the riverside
platoon on high alert
as the bombs exploded all around
the last thing that they heard

there are so many things
we can't control in life
and the best that we can hope for
is a beautiful day to die

it was a crisp day in December
clean white snow upon the ground
you could stand outside for hours
never hear a single sound
he sat alone in silence
he was 90 years plus four
took a final look at winter
closed his eyes for evermore

there are so many things
we can't control in life
and the best that we can hope for
is a beautiful day to die

the bay was shining brightly
reflecting brand new dawn
a sailboat cut the water
as the seabirds sang their songs
she left her note on the walkway
and she climbed up on the line
left the golden bridge behind her
left her years of pain behind

there are so many things
we can't control in life
and the best that we can hope for
is a beautiful day to die

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kahlo2013's picture

What a tenderly poignant and bittersweet song with death by war and suicide at the opening and closing of the song. Their is a heartfelt intimacy and empathy that you create with your words and music here that gives me goosebumps. So beautifully done.

coolparadiso's picture

my sorta song John I love it really great song let alone a skirmish song.

Adnama17's picture

The progression on the verses is beautiful. It sounds positive, but the story is not. One of my fave tricks!
Damn, that chorus is catchy as hell. You could've repeated that for days and I would've been a happy camper.
And yup, that's the whole point. We can't control anything. A cleansing, cathartic thought, that.
A keeper for sure!

billwhite51's picture

love your vocal and guitar on this song. i like the ironic approach you took to this skirmish. the concept of a beautiful day to die is so stupid, and you illuminated the downsides and dangers of such a concept, i think it originated with a misunderstanding of a comment fro a native american chief on the dawn of a suicide raid. good to hear a new song from you before the end of the season. hope to hear many more come february.

tcelliott's picture

Potential? Yeah, it's a beautiful take on the challenge. Beauty tinged with sadness and regret. Your guitar sounds great, your voice sounds great and lyric is very good. You nailed this one, dude.

metalfoot's picture

Definitely lots of potential to this one (although I'd say a lot of the potential is already realized-- the sparse arrangement here really shines brightly). Great melody and performance. Dark, but this sort of theme is going to go dark. Thanks for hosting!

Acousticmaddie's picture

I love this ine. Its so well told and the performance is so tender and dark that I fall for your voice aóver and over. Very very good story.

wobbie wobbit's picture

sad stories, i like how there is a different story for each verse, very tenderly told, fantastic for a skirmish!