What Comes Up

What Comes Up

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True story from decades ago until today. Anyone who got involved with EST will clearly recognize the influence.
Obviously the loud band is needed here. A bridge might be nice.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


What Comes Up

There was a man
I knew he was wise
Gonna tell us how to improvise
We sat in silence
And craned our necks
But the advice he gave
Was not what we expected
He said

Choose what comes up
And do what's next
It's a clear way to go
No matter the context
Ya can't go around
You gotta go through it
Put your feet on the ground
Go ahead and do it
My friend

I was havin' a hard time
Writin' a song
Gettin' all worried was it right or was it wrong
Then I remembered what the wise man sad
Cleared all that garbage right out of my head.

I chose what came up
And did what was next

It ain't just about
Feedin' the muse
Try it out in any situation that you choose
The secret is don't let fear get in the way
Follow your inner voice
It'll whisper you a brighter day.


©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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That's a good chorus, it relays the message well and sounds good. Not bad advice, either. I like the flow of the lyric in the verses, too. Especially that last verse where it seems like it should be really wordy but works so well. This is a good skirmish song.

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This is great! As someone that improvises a lot of tunes, I can say that's definitely some sound advice! Smile

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acoustic rock is difficult to pull offbut you have done a good job of it here. i wouldnt call it punk. its closer towhat elvis costello was doing in his acoustic solo shows back in 84. i love the theme and what you have done with it. . but its your performance that really puts the song across. .