Tree Babies (Seed skirmish)

Tree Babies (Seed skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

This went really dark. But! At least I managed to avoid the current political s...storm in the US. I felt good about that.


Sometimes I eat seeds!
Sometimes I think they're baby trees.
Sometimes I eat seeds
while I'm eating baby trees.

Yummy seeds! Yummy seeds!
They go well with my sprouts.
Sprouts and seeds are delicious babies.
They go so, so good in my mouth, mouth, mouth.

I don't know how they feel about it.
I think they probably cry.
But I can't understand
how they cry, cry, cry.

They're just sprouts! They're just babies!
They would grow so strong.
But they're in my mouth, mouth, mouth,
and I do chew them, chew them long.

I like to eat lots of yummy, yummy things!
Especially the babies put in everything!
Especially the babies!
they make things, oh, so sweet!

I like to add babies
to almost all of my food.
I like to add babies
to almost everything I eat.

Why don't you try
this delicious baby here?
Why don't you try
a new baby today?

Sometimes I eat fruit, it's true.
And I do not eat the seed.
It's kind of like eating
placenta and throwing away the baby.

But it's so good!
I could eat it every day.
It's delicious placenta
from the trees.

And I eat, yes the seeds!
Those deliicous, delicious things!
And I eat, yes, I eat
the sprouts with everything!

And the fruit! Oh, the fruit!
It's so sweet, so sweet
as I imagine placenta to be.
At least, if placenta
had as much, much sugar,
and I could eat it fresh
before it started dying.

But it is hard, yes, hard to get.
I've never seen it in the store.
It's hard! It is hard to get.
So I just eat the tree babies.

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A really interesting take on what fruit are... tree babies indeed...

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ha ha could read this however i want! maybe you are a hidden fruitarian!!!! fun stuff

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Never looked at them that way. Hope it doesn't spoil my appetite. Wink Yet another creative take on a prompt. Well done.

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An interesting tangent. Or is it a derivative? Good twist on the prompt Smile

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tree babies is an outstanding phrase for seeds. and we all eat them. baby eaters all. love your sense of humor throughout,