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Liner Notes: 

Got home at 5:40 from errands. Completed song at 5:54. Uploaded by 5:57.

Also, it snowed here today.


Is it time already?
I have to decide
I don't want it to be yet
I'd rather run and hide

Is it time already?
I fear it must be so
I don't want it to be yet
But that sure looks like snow

I've made my decision
It's time to get the toques and mitts out
I've made my decision
TO be warm is better there's no doubt

I guess it's time
I guess it's time
I guess it's time
But I don't want it to be.

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I have no idea what “toques” are but a nice song nonetheless. I definitely get the feeling of conceding that summer has gone and it’s winter woolies time.

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im with zeele on toques - but its a powerful lyric for a short one! very good!

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Very relatable....but for me it is time to get umbrellas and rakes out.

Nice response to the skirmish topic.

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I really like the major/minor thing you're doing on this one. Also my condolences on the snow... I'm definitely not ready for that.

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Very strong melody on this one. Sounds like an easy decision that you make annually. Apparently some of your listeners never saw "Great White North". Wink

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Beautiful song and take on challenge. Thank you so much Alex for taking part.
Sorry for the snow. We are promised a very severe Winter over here. Brrrr