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Liner Notes: 

host musicsongwriter
prompt decision

Great prompt. I decided to do it this way.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



Time to make up your mind
You gotta come to a decision
Might make you feel unkind
That's just how it goes in your position

Why is it so hard to do
Leaves you cryin'
Tears your soul in two
But in the end there's no denyin'
You got to make it.

You wish that you could pass it off
Got no receiver
You're not gonna laugh it off
Not the way of a true believer.


Don't let indecision be your weakness
You can be the one in charge
On the road to your uniqueness..

Time to step up to the plate
Keep your eyes wide open
Don't let a curve ball seal your fate
Grab ahold what you've been hopin' for.


©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Really pretty song; I like the bridge especially.

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This has a true rock vibe. I can totally see you fleshing it down the road with more guitar, drums and backup vocals. This is very solid for a skirmish piece. The sports metaphors add urgency to the message.

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Beautiful song and take on a challenge. Thank you so much for your wonderful song. Love your song, singing and playing. Very strong work.