Dark Clouds (Funnel Cloud)

Dark Clouds (Funnel Cloud)

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Liner Notes: 

I watched a short video about Mr. T while waiting for the prompt, so I immediately thought of the dark clouds as a threatening person. It took a little looking to find an appropriate cyclone word that I haven't used yet, but I think I got a good one.


Dark clouds comin'
If he touch down there gonna be a tornado
Dark clouds comin'
He gonna strike like a snake
Dark clouds comin'
If he step out of the shadow
You better know that you got no more time to pray

Coiled gold chains shinin'
He got the sun behind his head
You see that shadow, you be dead
Comes the tornado, you hear that tuba


Hits like a black snake
Lead ball to face, no more regrets
That fist he swingin', if it connects
You'll hear it singin', he'll kill you with it
One blow


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I like the personality of this lyric -- it has its own style, voice, etc.

And of course the cyclone cycle connection is awesome. I do hope one of these days you can record your whole cyclone cycle of songs!

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I can just see Mr T while I am reading this! Very original and good!

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This needs some suitably dirty, distorted guitars, I think. it's RAWK with a capital AWK

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Hey fool, I like the snake metaphor in cyclone world. Good job.

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Mr T for the win! Well written - creates strong mental images. Well done!

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good lyric! great chorus! can hear that being smashed out! top stuff!

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I like the reference to the cloud as a person. Very effective. Good attacking lyrics. Music could almost write itself. Song has a god personality. Good write.

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This was nicely done. Very dark and threatening.