Lost In Misery

Lost In Misery

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Liner Notes: 

Another fast one. I'm not sure where they're coming from, but I'm glad they are showing up.


Well, I'm addicted to feeling alone
I guess I just like the company
I'm not lonely
I'm not sad
I'm just tired of the world turning bad
I'm lost in misery

I'm not angry, I'm not getting mad
I'm just addicted to feeling this free
I'm not exhausted
Or frustrated
I'm just tired of a world full of hatred
I'm lost in misery

Well, I'm sorry for leaving you that way
But I had to, I had to get away
I know it's impossible to explain just how I feel
to you

I'm not running away from the pain
I still feel it inside of me
I'm not frightened
I'm not scared
I'm just tired of a world of despair
I'm lost in misery
I'm lost in misery

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Great chord progression and nice tune. I can empathize with the lyrics to a large extent...!

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very well-written addition to the country blues lexicon. i can imagine just about anybody wanting to cover this one.