Noah's Trailer Park

Noah's Trailer Park

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Liner Notes: 

The internet is awesome because I get lyrics from talented strangers. Thank you, Morten Maehre!


A Herald of Doom with a prophecy sign
Knocked on my trailer one late summer’s day
He wailed, This is the end of time
Prepare to be washed away

I cursed and looked him straight in the eye
Don’t you make my children cry!
He smiled without teeth, The end is nigh
It won’t be enough just to pray

Build an ark
Or learn to swim like a shark
Evil’s coming
Evil’s coming
Evil’s coming
To Noah’s Trailer Park

We ain’t got much time! If you let me in
Just a moment I’ll tell you why
God’s getting ready to drown our sins
A lot of us will die

Heaven will cry for what we’ve become
To kill the heedless and mentally numb
Then we could hear a sound like a drum
And he raised his hands to the sky

Repeat chorus

Clouds rolled in
Like a stampeding herd
The man turned and ran
And shouted these words

Repeat chorus

Brace yourselves
And prepare for The Dark
Evil’s coming
To Noah’s Trailer Park

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i like the melody/fall of repeated evil's coming oh no and the crowd shouts, very catchy Smile

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love this apocalyptic hoedown. reminds me of those storytelling pop singers who went half country a blew apart the formal minimalism of top 40. people like don maclean and loudan wainwright....always nice to inject some sprightly humor into the end of the world songs.