Your music is horrible

Your music is horrible

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Liner Notes: 

take the title with a little tiny grain of salt, perhaps..

Partly (but only partly) inspired by a conversation with one of my nephews-- truth be told, the nephew in question is probably not a fan of so-called 'gangster' rap, but he is alot more of a rap/hip hop person then I am..... so this is a kind of semi-generational rap (and with an attempt to use an expression so 'today' that it's already 'yesterday' i bet!)... anyway, I'm making a bit of a point here, but it's not totally serious... there's good and bad in every type of music. Still, i hear some things and say..... well, you'll have to listen...

recorded very lo fi, just guitar and vocal live into the iPhone


I listened to some of the music you liked
You said ‘you gotta check this stuff out, Uncle Mike’
I was a little but but not completely surprised
And frankly I was also somewhat horrified

Lots of words sung to the same three notes
Urban ghetto life anecdotes
The N word used in almost every stanza
Painting a picture of some drunk extravaganza

That B word used for women interchangeably
And Glorifying guns and violence, shamelessly
Boasting about the singer’s worldly possessions
And how he’ll get revenge for some unknown transgressions

And it went on like that for minutes and hours
All about the singer and his superpowers
I wonder what you see in this braggadocio
Is it just a quick laugh, is it all for show

Why does this material have you so fascinated
A white suburban kid university educated
Is it cartoon violence to you, just a cheap trick
To keep you amused like some horror movie flick

Or just a way to bond with your friends
To feel secure you know the latest trends
Being up on which tracks have dropped this week
And knowing some new phrase that’s replaced ‘on fleek’

And yeah you’ll laugh cause by now that’s a dated reference
And maybe I should show a bit more deference
Maybe I’m elitist, a snob or uptight
But something about this music of yours just doesn’t feel right

(c) M. Skliar 2018

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This was cool, "Uncle Mike" and I liked that tempo change in the middle, then right back into your "old man rap". LOL

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i like it. quite rappy in itself, nice progression and your ponderings sit nicely over it.. i could also imagine this being done in the style of the music you are talking about. nice social commentary/musings.. great title too Smile

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Hey Mike, with three boys ages 17-20 I can totally relate to your questions and social commentary on this - luckily a couple of my boys can two but one loves this style of music and finds it to be a way to deal with all of the terrible things in the world - that it increases awareness about tough issues ... I keep thinking there is something deeper than the superficial disturbing music than what my old ears and mind are hearing. I also wonder does it invite or incite more violence and oppression or like my son thinks, does it help people cope with and stand up against it.

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Hey there. I like that funky, folky guitar. Very cool. I'm not much on rap either. Vanilla Ice and Snoop Dog were all the rage when I was in school, but possibly I was just a little too white to get into it. :P

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this took me back to 1988, when the adults were all running around terrified of rap music

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You go tell those kids what's what! That little pause in the bridge made me laugh. I've never known wtf "on fleek" meant.