Here's to friends

Here's to friends

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Liner Notes: 

The other day I got a postcard from my friend Bruce, who travels alot, and who is , I think, one of the last people 'round these parts that still sends postcards! Started thinking about all of my quirky but loveable friends, and decided to do a 'here's to...' for many of them--- probably forgot a few, I'm sure I did, but i managed to get in a good number of them.....

quick iphone recording, live guitar and vocal


(i need to type this up.! til then, just listen I guess)

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bruce arnie seth john julie dawn mitch mark the other mark and angelina rich joel bob helen - HERE'S TO THEM!
some fantastic, hilarious lines in this, made me smile, laugh, go all soppy and goosebumpy. what an absolutely lovely tribute to your friends, i really enjoyed meeting them through your song. funny and touching, really hits a spot. really love it, glad i listened!

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Very sweet, quirky song! Nice that I know about a bunch of these folks already. Love the ending!