The Fricking Demon Master

The Fricking Demon Master

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Liner Notes: 

I had uploaded this before, but in the first take. I thought to just delete the old and reupload the new just so it's out there instead of updating the old one.

This is one of those songs where I feel I sing about something I need to sing about. and that is the wonder of true geek culture. The shops for tabletops games, the fixatures of local anime cons, these are things that fascinate me and it's a world I write about very often from an outsider's point of view who likes there being a space for this stuff but also notices all the quirks and unfavourable elements. I wrote a whole album on this! Skywalk. Me and my friends went to the local geek spot, once, and was a strange aura. I like to play board games like Secret Hitler, Talisman and Catan with my friends but the high level stuff is too crazy for me. and being around it once was enough! Lol.

Still I feel lyrically this is the stuff I do best at because I get to sing about something that is in my world and uses my observations and lyrical quirks. So the tune is not the best but these are my favourite kind of songs to write. I think the arrangement is fine here though a bit too shifty. The bass is a little too buried for my liking though and all the guitars where hard to put together.


And so you lose
'Cuz you can't beat a man with a choice to choose
I cast my spell
A demon from hell 'cuz fricking who can tell
You cry a well
It's only natural as I ring the bell
I am a wizard
Who's split his blizzard on the carpet floor

The Dungeon Master's getting mad
The maiden is crying sad
I have to buy one dollar Coke
Or I'll be cracked like a yolk

We meet again
Send me your surrender on a silver platter
I roll a five
Luck of the dice makes you survive
You broke a rule
and I printed the manual at school
Cheating ain't cool
Let's spent the next hour reading the rules
This is our club
We eat Mr. Sub 'cuz we hate dubs
I've seen the sun
It was my first kiss and it wasn't fun
Closing at ten
Perfect time to throw you in the pen
I tell you again
Now that your road ends

The Dungeon Master's getting mad
The maiden is crying sad
I have to buy thousand dollar Coke
Or I'll be cracked like a yolk

We eat Mr. Sub
Because we hate dubs
I don't give back rubs
I just destroy tubs

Tomorrow you'll lose
Again and again you can never choose
The dollar menu
Fuels the lads wrapped together with Glad
And if we break
It'll rake the basement cultural built for us
I am a wizard
You're piss from a lizard

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I like the musicianship on this, it sounds great. Find the lyrics pretty cryptic. They flow well and suit the music. It's got passion and attitude. Good work.