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Liner Notes: 

Like ELO, CCR, BTO, MC5, RHCP... Get it? Hahaha!

Lame, I know...

I need a nap.

Fuzzy here;

Adnama17 came to visit me and this song is about the animals around my house.
Roscoe is a border collie.
Lilly is a chihuahua.
Hoppy is a frog that has decided he's going to live in my pool no matter how many times I evict him.

Adnama17 wrote the first two verses and I wrote the third.


Roscoe, oh Roscoe
You dumb ole dog
You always look like you’re in a fog
Roscoe, oh Roscoe
You don’t know your own name
But I still love you the same

Lily, oh Lily
You always look stoned
And right round is how you have grown
Lily, oh Lily
Though you’re low to the ground
I love having you around

Hoppy, oh Hoppy
You’re slimy and green
You’re the greatest frog I’ve ever seen
Hoppy, oh Hoppy
Just look at you jump
Don’t get sucked into the pump

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Oh, now I get the title! What fun! The lyrics are awesome and funny - delivered with musical flair!

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A fun little song about our furry, four legged friends. Easy to listen to and easy to like.

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Y'all are so silly. And rather sweet and melodious too. Van the toilet-paper-destroying senior kitty and I enjoyed the listen.

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Very lighthearted and fun! I enjoyed the listen!