(Let's Get This Room) Empty (1:52)

(Let's Get This Room) Empty (1:52)

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to write an opening (or closing) song for a (fictional) live performance.


Hi my name is Rob
I perform for you
You don't have to listen
Cause even I don't have a clue
I don't care if you ignore me I just do what I please
Play with your phone while I have my feast

I'm indifferent whether or not you are kind
There is only one thing going through my mind

Let's get this room empty
Let's get this room empty

I'm not an entertainer
You can continue drinking your beer
Just ignore me
You won't even know I'm here

You better lower your expectations
I'm not here to get frustrated
I just do what I like
I don't care if I am hated

I'm indifferent whether or not you are kind
Here is my objective for tonight

Let's get this room empty
Let's get this room empty
I scare everybody away
Let's get this room empty


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Aanstekelijk, krijg hier Bas Bron-achtige 'vibes' van. You upgraded your sound and I like it. So much happening. Wishing the 'empty' part lasted longer. Great work!

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Yeah, this would make a great intro to a live performance.
"I scare everybody away"; great line.
Your dry sense of humour is pure gold to me.
Your musical inventiveness is awesome!

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Fun song, my band should learn it! I like the lush keyboard sounds, then the rock guitar part is cool dropped in there. The vocals sound good, it's very nicely done all around.

And I love the sentiment. Play with your phone, drink your beer, ignore me because I'm going to do what I do regardless!