The Strange Fruit Tree

The Strange Fruit Tree

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Liner Notes: 

Morning, mourning news feed... this stuff just keeps squirting out... there's gotta be a song in here somewhere. We'll see come FAWM Crazy


The strange fruite tree is still alive
It was not cut down in '65
It bears fruit of many colors
Size shape or skew, all made to hot fruit stew

It's a good thing we live in this day of high tech
There will be no doubt, in future time bets
Boys of all colors will have camera embeds
Right on the tips of their tiny little heads

All that gets grabbed or touched will be glad
Uncle Sam will have, a direct feed all bad
Girls too with, their young men will
Will have tattoo IDs to make their parts free

Yes the strange fruit tree, it is still alive
The hang'em high chorus from good and bad still strive
Are again lead by shriveled, pasty old White-men
I wonder what the other crayola crayons do think
Of this again, great, white, stink?

Captain Ahab, had his fluid, big Moby-Dick
Great white and fast, oh what a blast
Through waters deep, dark and thick
But what do we have now, but another bloody prick.

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Boys of all colors will have camera embeds / Right on the tips of their tiny little heads
now that is an excellent couplet, and is the best idea in the song,,the fact that it is more difficult to get away with these clandestine lynchings nwhen everybody has a camera attached to themselves. i also like the analogy of moby dick representing the oppressors of old, whle todays oppressors are weak creatures, i wrte a story recently about a hanging tree that was so empathetic with its victims that it became human and cried whenever she tried to express herself in song. this could be a great song but the white man diatribe is a distracting paste on. blavk on black crime has taken far more vctims than the fruit true. look at the massacres in africa,

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Love all the imaginary, almost trippin'. The great white stink. Ha!!

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Ah yes! I think i made it by another path. Some great imagery here!

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I second the couplet Bill zeroed in on being a standout, and so is "All that gets grabbed or touched" -- a remarkable group of words. What a way to condense so much meaning into a phrase, gathering those who know it applies to them. Pretty potent.