Ship of Fools, the U.S.S.S. 26092018

Ship of Fools, the U.S.S.S. 26092018

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Liner Notes: 

Oh my, --had such a long day; came in, sat down to dinner, and oh my, the news feed... and this just flew outta me, mere seconds to write, right, rite Crazy (Can't wait for tomorrow.)

-- As I said in the prior last lyrics 'till 5090's end... it'll just be these mind dumps that may then turn into a song post 5090... you see come FAWM Smile well if we are all still here in 5 mo's? Looks like the Second Coming is nearly upon us, so, maybe not Wink


Yes the day of reckoning, it is a coming
It is a coming soon
You can tell by the bell
Clanged so well, by the choreographed buffoons

One after another, one by one
Count them like lost blessings groans
You just know their coming since,
Someone, just told the truth ...

Thank God that the real truth
Still yet, has some use
If only to satiate, the blight full appetite
On the ship of fools of fools

Eat, drink and be merry
Ignore the waters rise
The prize is for the mindless blindist
And who can see less, has their full bliss

Yes the day of reckoning, it is a coming
You'll have what you've demanded so well
You all gather and hiss in your hole with your fists
Known as the third, deep layer of hell

So get out the vote, it's a coming soon
The party of satan, is well at hand
Yield to their demands, they're all demoncrats
With great bats, hitting home-runs do tell

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Some really good lines here "who can see less, has their full bliss", kinda like the blind leading the blind falling into the ditch. Like "if only to satiate, the blight full of appetitie on a ship of fools". Can't wait until voting day, hope it finally tampers down.

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ii think the day of reckoning came in 1914. for all we know, we may all be already dead, judged, and sentenced. doesnt take anything away fro a good song though.