50-90-35 At The Trinity Church

50-90-35 At The Trinity Church

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50 90 35 At The Trinity Church

Liner Notes: 

Actually went to see an electronic duo in a church yesterday. They had cheap wine for free and I took an extra plastic cup of that dark red stuff that makes your teeth go blue.



At the trinity church
you can drink cheap wine for free
and an electric wonder duo is performing
for a few people besides from me

and would the minister mind
if I take an other glass
It’s freezing cold outside
and I can live with this high mass

cuz I got nothing else to do
besides from thinking of you
yeah they know what they say
a bottle of wine will keep the doctor away

the singer announces in a vocal fry voice
the next song and the deeper meaning
guess she wants to be thoughtful and intense
why am I analyzing in stead of dreaming

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Inspiration is everywhere - great use of the event to create a gorgeous song