Mourning Glory

Mourning Glory

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Liner Notes: 

Playing around with an old clarinet track.



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Clarinet sounds great! Is that you playing? Love the overlapping/round approach.

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Love the mellow haunting sound you are getting with your clarinet and the fugue music. Sounds lovely rich and introspective. Nicely done. If you ever want to do a flute clarinet thing let me know and I'll send you a flute track you can play to or you can send me a clarinet track I can play to!

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It's like a living, growing thing, like a vine, like waters eddying, and supremely adaptable by a modern dance choreographer, since even I see dancers while I'm listening. I love the rich tones, and the overlapping blending and diverging was fascinating. Unconventional and beautiful!

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Well I didn't know what to do with that clarinet track, so I'm glad I sent it back to you so you could do this with it.
Haunting and mournful.
I like the heavy reverb; makes me feel like I'm sitting in the audience at a large concert hall.
Really well done, I love it!