Exquisite 4- Power and More

Exquisite 4- Power and More

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Liner Notes: 

Here it is, the last of the traditional Exquisite Corpses for 5090-2018.
Exquisite Corpse 4.
In order:

metalfoot -- I did a little bit of guitar noodling, no vocals. Just felt right. Also had the fun of stitching!




Thanks to all of you for playing and thanks to you who listen!


Here's my folksy love song lyrics - with Martin and Alex leading this off I really thought we might have Martin playing some sweet tender uke love song and Alex playing a little more acoustic ballad like piece and Lowhum doing something kinda sexy ballad like and Ballyhoot, well I heard his last bit: "You can Sometimes
Dance on land mines/And never get blown away" and thought cool groove but I'll take it the words and turn it back toward the sweet love song I thought Martin probably kicked it off with. But instead Martin surprised me and the rest of the guys really rocked it in different awesome styles! And thanks for the stitching Alex!!!

you'll never get blown away
when you let yourself be free
you'll never get blown away
if you come and dance with me

it seems there are land mines
scattered across our paths
we're fearful with each step
always watching our backs

sometimes we need to
let go of uncertainty
we just have to let loose
allow love to grow free

you'll never get blown away
when you let yourself be free
you'll never get blown away
if you come and dance with me

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great mix, guys - love the bolan thing! and dylanesque - blondie - nico - whatever coda Lol Fun, fun, fun!

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Thanks mates!! I did not get the memo that we were doing awesome hard rock! Seriously cool music and love the progression and evolution!! Happy to have played and been the whatever more!

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As always, great experience working on this and enjoy listening to the final product. You guys rock....or whatever.... Smile

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Oh my gosh what a journey!! That was incredible!! It starts out with an almost sci-fi sort of feel, then it begins to feel like a cut from Woodstock, then more 70's hippy vibes. So good you guys!! Bravo!!