Revelations, Days End

Revelations, Days End

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Liner Notes: 

Wow, this morning, just whipping these out in real time, 5-10 second writes... full flow of thought, typing faster than I can even speak Crazy

So, go back two lyrics and read that liner note... just commenting, and "these" till end of 5090

These quick "nuggets", rarely for me become songs (as they look now), but it's what I do, and just don't want to put up work-work, end of 5090 that may just sit here, -- what for? Wink The 28 or so "songs" (lyric only follow ups doubled a few, so don't "count"), -- anyway, the twenty-something I got, with so much amazing input, -- I'll parse down to seven tracks for what I think represents this as an "Album".

Any input on that, -- let'er-rip Smile

-- So, derUgo Crazy


It's end times now
Second up and comings, came and went
Even White male babies, all killed as they crowned
They got what they wanted
They got it full measure
Especially no straight White men, none for your pleasure

Christ spoke of seven churches He named them all
Lukewarm to cold, and none to be bold
A few did OK, but not really great
He told them well, all of their fate
He said when it comes, it'll be way too late
I won't know you, not at my gate

So, eat drink and be merry
Get fat drunk with hate
Skew all that's good to reprobate
Two will lie dead, dead in the street
While you exchange gifts of your, do good deeds
You'll have your day, yes in full pleasure

Then we'll have ours, we'll have our due Treasure

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I couldn't said it better myself, signed mother of two white boys.

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even though i think the third line of the first verse is excellent, i dont think the verse as a whole measures up the second and third verses,which are amazing. notmany people today are aware that the book of revelations is directed to, and is mainly focused on the failings of, the churches

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i wouldnt try to make the first verse better,as you already have two solid verses. The problem isnt its content, but its placement. I would use it as a bridge rather than a first,particularly an opening verse, as your second verse is an excellent statement of the theme. were iwriting it, i would probably shorten the verse to make a bridge such as this: It's end times now/Second up and comings, came and went
Even White male babies, were all killed as they crowned. and place the bridge between the second and third verses....

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And thus it will be! Its amazing when they pour out sometimes i cant keep up and miss things!