I Wish I Had a Girlfriend

I Wish I Had a Girlfriend

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Liner Notes: 

Ah, well, yes..., the morning headlines working their magic; nonsense breeds nonsense like this song... but, hey, in a bar full of drunks, could be "gold", gold I tell'ya... so may musicate it if get a chance before this ends.

I hate at the end of this, 5090, -- to do a song to close to my heart and it could just sit here... so, from now to end, just commenting or quick and silly, -- hope that's OK! I want to keep this one of the best 5090's, FAWM's, -- it has been.


I wish I had a girlfriend, what a great thing it'd be
To have and to hold and smile and be bold
But how, to do that, today

I stick to the internet, no touching of any kind
I stick to my cellphone, there's porn of all kinds
I stick to speeddating, no risk of knowing her mind
Oh I wish I had a girlfriend, from days of old kind

I remember stories of hand holding and dates
And heard it was just, really really great
No testtube babies, just wonderful sex
Oh I wish I had a girlfriend, from days of auld syne

Yes, I wish I had a girlfriend, I hear they're great to have
But I just can't risk a felony charge, if ever make her a mad-tard
And besides White-men now, no one wants, for a man in their plan
Oh I wish, I had, a girlfriend man

Girls have girls and boys have boys
But straight girls ow, they're no longer safe
And straight boys do well to imagine future cells
If they wish to risk, a girlfriend swell, now

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Such a sad song, unfortunately it's so true today. Mixed up messed up world.

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Ha ha. Its a good song! But its just a generational thing! We are captive to our generations! We only are comfortable living in our own. As was my mother and her mother before

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this could be a sequel to the modern lovers classic, Girlfriend.