Not Open For Business

Not Open For Business

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Liner Notes: 

host coolparadiso
prompt closed for business

So I'm a couple of days short of a month late. Saw this prompt on [@metalfoot['s wonderful skirmish theme master list. I didn't do it as a skirmish although the initial lyrics came fairly quickly and were later changed. I took my time with the whole piece. Don't call 5-0 but it's not at all skirmish legal.

It's also not done but it's what I have for now. It needs to be 8 bpm faster. Thought I'd changed the tempo before I did audio but I didn't so it will have to be redone. It needs a few holes filled, background vocals, maybe horns and a more melodic guitar solo. I wanted to get it in before the gates shut in a week.

2012 Doug Brown Custom Telecaster
'76 MusicMan 212-65

'64 Fender Jaguar
'67 Fender Dual Showman

'94 Fender Mexi-Telecaster
'78 Marshall Mk II


Not Open For Business

I looked through your window
There was dust on the shelf
'n I got to tell ya
I'm a little rusty myself

Sign in the window
Said you was out to lunch
You might be back later
But I got a powerful hunch

That you're not open for business
Not takin' anything in
You're shuttin' down your business
Lock the doors
Don't want anyone breakin' in

I called up your telephone
All I got was a disconnect
I'm on the line all alone
Beginning to suspect

'n I pulled up your website
Got error 404
Looked around, you were not found
Can't hide it anymore

That you're not open for business
Not takin' anything in
Shuttin' down your business
Turn out the lights
Don't want nobody lookin' in

What a rough season it's been
Got caught in a tailspin
Empty feelin' inside
No way to hide it
Your business model's wearin' thin

Gtr Vs

That you're not open for business
Not puttin' anything out
You closed up your business
Don't pretend
You don't know what I'm talkin' 'bout

Not open for business
Not lookin' for business
Windin' down your business
Mindin' your own business

It's closed
I'll take my business somewhere else

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Love the funky upbeat bluesy feel. Good hook, love the lyrics. You go!!!!

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Great extended metaphor--out of business, out of love, out of luck, whatever! Like the anti-version of "Taking Care of Business" I really enjoy it!

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Love the sound and excellent use of error 404! This could be a metaphor for so many things like Mark said. Great GREAT write. Thanks for posting it in the "little love please" forum! Glad I got to listen!

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Yeah, this sounds great. I love your arrangement. That bass line is so damn groovy... I can't sit still for long while listening to it. Good melody, too. Glad you pointed this one out. And I liked the solo.

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Funky fo' sho'! When I read the list of 6 guitars in the liner notes, I knew this was going to be fun, and it was! I really like that percussion element (is it one of those wooden frogs?), and the instrumental verse. There's such great combination of sounds throughout! And the shift to "not putting anything out" in the final chorus was a nice touch to help wind it down to that final close.