Journey Through a Battlefield

Journey Through a Battlefield

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Journey through a Battlefield

Liner Notes: 

This was recorded on my phone at my Saturday music program in Sunshine, at the Visy Cares Hub.
I play drums, while my busking friend plays electric guitar and another member plays piano.
I was aiming for a Velvet Underground feel. I stood up whilst playing the drums, used the drum mallets, and avoided the cymbals whilst touching a tambourine that was situated near my left foot (according to Wikipedia, these were some of Maureen Tucker's methods of playing the drums).
At one point, I briefly played with the snare off, then turned it back on afterwards. I sped up the tempo halfway through (playing a few measures in 5/4 but reverting to 4/4), and the guitarist changed the feel by modulating from A minor to E minor for the remainder of the jam.

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Cool sound, the drums sound cavernous! I like the guitar part too, holding things together. Piano too. But the drums and foot tambourine are pretty cool. I saw Mo Tucker years ago on a solo tour gig, interesting person. I like the background noise, the in-person feel.

A bit on the long side! But I did actually listen to the whole thing. Fun bits when the guitar player starts using the whammy bar.

It's a great production for a demo track; with a sophisticated feel, authentically intuitive. I'd like to check through more, so will hit 2 min marks since I am at work too. However, since I'm the Boss, I have leeway Crazy hahhh... but, not much.