Beside the Marigolds

Beside the Marigolds

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Liner Notes: 

Nancy: This started with Mike's guitar track. I tried three different sets of lyric ideas to it before landing on this one. Tried to get a dreamlike quality to the vocals while still keeping the words understandable.

Mike: I really love what Nancy did with this guitar track and music- its got a tiny echo to something like the Beatles 'mother nature's son' (and funny, we were talking about the White album a few days ago!).....



There’s a place where I can go
A picnic meadow that I know
Where I lie down on the soft, dark ground
Beside the marigolds

There’s an ancient tune I know
Mother Earth, she hums it low
I let the breeze blow harmonies
And watch her garden grow

There’s a tall tree overhead
Maple leaves all poppy-red
Till the thick, white snow has crept
It’s where I’ll make my bed

When I arise I try
To bring my dreams into the light

There’s a place where I can go
A picnic meadow that I know
Where I lie down on the soft, dark ground
Beside the marigolds

guitar- mike skliar
vocals- nancy rost

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I love the layered vocals. I like the earthy lyric. The melody and guitar has a hint of a beatles-esque quality, but it seems more modern to me. That's a cool guitar part to start and the space effect on the vocals work very well. It IS dreamlike but I like being able to actually hear the singing, the words. Almost a little trip of a song, and now I want to go nap near the marigolds.

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Lyrics with a touch of the vividly surreal, and quite fascinating harmonies. I've had three listens already, following this voice or that, or just absorbing the chords they are making together. I love those guitar punctuations between verses. And that bridge is refreshing as all get out, as it primes my ear for one last verse which sounds just amazing after the palate cleansing. Remarkable collaborative creativity!

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Slightly triply indeed and beautifully so! The guitar is gorgeous and the harmonies so wonderfully nuanced and close that it wraps around me as if I am surrounded by the marigolds. The lyrics are vivid and lovely as the convey a thought and physics space that is very special. Are you sure it was a field of marigolds and not poppys or mushrooms?;)

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Nice Simon and Garfunkle vibe and lovely play with vocals. Great and sensitive melody. Love the performance.

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I like the vocal harmonies, sounds like a small choir of kindred spirits. I like the ancient hymn that Mother Earth hums low. As a New Yorker, Skliar may have never actually heard this. Sets a really nice scene, very relaxing, early summer, a beautiful day.

I agree it does have a bit of the Beatles to it.

This reminded me of two things: First, Yeats' poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree". It also reminded me of something I heard mentioned on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" this weekend -- somebody recorded the sound of corn growing. Which was not hard to find:

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I'm loving those vox!
Slightly creepy in some way, though.
Yeah, like some dark psychedelia from the late 60's.
Great production choices.
I really enjoyed this collab, folks!

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This turned out great - it is kind of disorienting in a pleasant way. The vocal harmonies are cool - really enjoying that! I just keep listening because it's addictive. Play. Play. Play. Yes!!

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A bit like Beatles, yes, but also a lot like early Pink Floyd... if Syd Barrett had a talented sister doing the vocals. It's Mike's chords that go down in a chromatic way and the childlike, but eerie quality of Nancy's harmonies and the mystical back to nature lyrics that I find fascinating. Wonderful stuff.

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This is like a Salvador Dali painting set to music. The unexpected chords give this a really creepy, ground melting under your feet, vibe. Time seems to be set off in another dimension wherever these particular marigolds grow. Nice collaboration.