Bringin' On The Heat

Bringin' On The Heat

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Liner Notes: 

host corinne54
prompt cool

This is a bit contrarian since I've reached an age where I don't do as well with heat as I once did. Thought about using the 12-string on this but didn't want to take time to tune it.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Bringin' On The Heat

It's a cooler day today
Been rainin' off and on
I really hate to say it
But summertime is gone
It's a little bit more comfortable
And the Autumn Breeze is sweet
But I was happy with the summer sun
Bringin' on the heat.

It's time for apple cider
More covers on the bed
Last chance for the spider
To catch somethin' in his web
But cozy as a fire might be
As I sit and warm my feet
I want to take a run in the summer sun
Bringin' on the heat.

When the mercury gets up 'round ninety five
I love to sit out on the porch at night
See the fireflys come alive
All the crickets and cicadas
Just tryin' to survive
They will all be gone
'til the heat comes on
When the springtime arrives.

So you might offer greeting
To the coming of the chill
But I fear the joy is fleeting
Old man winter's a bitter pill
And I bet that you'll be smiling
When the snow melts off the street
And the sunshine, gone a long time
Is bringin' on the heat.

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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You did this in 1 hour...and its a full, complete, great track. It always amazes me when I hear stuff like this done with these little 1 hour constraints.
The lyrics alone seem like they'd take a day to imagine and arrange on paper.
Then the expert playing.
And the vocals. Do you write the words first, then develop the vocal melody? Or does the vocal melody come parallel with the lyrics? Just curious.
This is great.

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Wow! You did an amazing job with the skirmish! So many strong images and fantastic bridge. The country fold delivery is perfect! I'm impressed by your ability to run with the prompt and come up with something so good! And I can definitely relate to how our temperature tolerance changes with aging!

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they come and go don't they? them september songs Lol

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Great classical touch on the skirmish. Lovely and heartfelt Performance. Great job mate!