Sunrise Streams of Joy and Wonder

Sunrise Streams of Joy and Wonder

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Liner Notes: 

The sky was clear and the lake was calm and when the sun burst over the horizon it was spectacular and blinding... so I started playing my flute... but I was still half asleep and trying to play softly as our cottage is literally only a few feet away from neighbors on each side... so improvised different tracks and put them together in garage band with a drum line and then added some bass to try to capture the feeling I had - more messy and breathy and pitchy than I would like but it was hard to play softly at 6:30 but I hope you get the sense of joy and wonder I was feeling



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I like the melody a lot. The drums/bass accompaniment works very well. almost gives it a "white rabbit" feel... or a classic rock back when anything could go feel to the music while still relating that wonderment feeling. I think you've captured it as well as can be done.

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Very pentatonic! It gives it both a folk vibe and a jazz vibe. A little Jethro Tull like. That's a great way to start the morning!