Whiskey, me and dreams

Whiskey, me and dreams

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whiskey me and dreams


Liner Notes: 

Thank you John for letting me having a go on your gorgeous lyrics./Maddie


I’m sippin on whiskey
So I don’t have to feel
Down to my last bottle
Let’s crack open the seal

I find comfort in darkness
Far from critical eyes
In my life I’ve known heartbreak
And yet I'm still survive

Whiskey bottle.. .. my only friend
Whiskey bottle.. with me till the end

When I’m home with my bottle
I’m not really alone
The burn when I swallow
Tells me all I should know

There’s no sense in fighting
I’ve accepted my fate
Someday change may be coming
Can I survive the weight

oohhhhh.. oohhhhh.. whiskey bottle.. ..
Take.. a look.. at what you’ve done

Feel I’m trapped in a bottle
Have to drink or I’ll drown
On the isle of despair
I’m the one with the Crown

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A seriously solid and moving and at the same time warning and fearful statement on bottom-end alcoholism. Maddie, the backing and voice are worthy of a serious horror movie score (well, it is at heart a horror story). John, that "On the isle...Crown" is a stunning pair.

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really powerful lyrics made even more compelling by the audio and visual aspects. Amazing collaboration. I love how it starts with strong vocals and simple music and then expands into epic rock with the drums and guitars. The vocal delivery is so strong. I am left after listening and watching feeling overwhelmingly sad about the fate of those who are unable to escape the lure of or need for the numbing of a drink. So well done!

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nice lyric, i particularly love that last verse, and maddie has takes it and runs with it. what an arrangement. what a performance, far from the usual sentimental drunkards lament we get from professional alcoholics, this is more like hearing robinson crusoe screaming with the dt's.

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How incredibly powerful! This was so right to have this all together. I am in awe.

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How lucky am I?!! This is just fabulous, Maddie! The video is awesome! It stays dark and foreboding, and I love how the video ends with that puddle of water, representing reflection and leaving the listener to reflect on their own interpretation of what they see and hear.
Your music, vocals, and video combine for the most excellent way to tell a story, far more than my words could have ever done on their own!
Thank you for seeing much more potential in these words than I ever saw.

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Great realization of those dark lyrics!

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Great interpretation of the lyrics. You give it great characterisation. Images are very dark and harrowing. Vocal is very damaged. Nice work.

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Dark and powerful. The vocals really paint the picture here. Fantastic collab

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great collab. real dark and lonely vibe. i like the tease of when the drums kick in gradually.