I Really Don't Care

I Really Don't Care

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Liner Notes: 

I've had people kinda stop caring about anything I do because they are so used to me starting things and never finishing.
I started projects and groups and songs and blahblahblah....and for one reason or another, I've stopped without finishing or I've ended the majority of them.
As anyone would say in their defense, I had my reasons.
But this...this 50 friggin songs in 90 friggin days...I FINISHED THIS. I reached the goal, completed the task, did what I set out to do.
So screw those that just say "Oh, that's just splitty sayin' he's gonna blahblahblah....yeah right..."
For my 50th song, I thought about so many things to try to do. I wanted to go out in epic fashion, do something grand and really good.
Well, we got this instead lol
It is not as epic, grand or great as I planned for my last song to be. But it is my 50th song nonetheless.
I made the melody and drums back on the 8th; it was just a loop.
Listened to it randomly this afternoon and decided I wanted some vocals to go along with the melody. That took me a while.
But the words and mood came. I couldn't sing them the way I heard them in my head, so I tried a high pitched approach. Pitch-corrected in my DAW using some tips I recently learned; ended up in somewhat of an auto-tuneish style, which I liked with this music.
Pitch correcting my stuff took me a LONG time lol...my notes were all over the doggone place.
Took a while to arrange things and expand and cut...then I added the little guitar solos. My hands feel like concrete, plus I did the one take so those solos are pretty raw.
Anyway - I'll let you decipher the lyrics for yourselves.
Again, I am still learning how to get live vocals clear and seated well in the mix It doesn't help that I feel like my voice itself in REAL LIFE is stuck behind a screen door or that there is a woman's stocking shoved in my mouth....err....nevermind that.
Truth is...I REALLY DON'T CARE if its sloppy and too loud or whatever!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!
(I even made it 'public', which I refused to do with any of the tracks with my vocals on them Smile )


fly a kite
kick rocks
stuff it with a sock
just get lost
i really don't care

i don't wanna talk
not taking a walk
go away
i really don't care

i really don't care
i really don't care
i really don't care
i don't care

(repeat v1 & v2)
(repeat chorus)

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That's a pretty cool synth voice. Most synth voice I've heard is more like text to speech synthetic voices. I like how yours is melodic. I also like the combination of darker and brighter timbres. Definitely trippy.

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I really love how grungy and dirty and distorted this is. It's a great arrangement. Pitch corrected vocals work great because this has a kind of club like sound, but it's very rock oriented. It's really good. Great stuff.

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Great what you added at 1.17, really tasty. You need things like that in a groovy song like this. You go out of your way as the song progresses which is a good thing in here. It's both really good and good fun.

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This is really cool sounding. Gritty and almost industrial in the instrumentation you use. Cool vocal tracks. Awesome groove. Congrats on your 50 but you know we've got 10 days left so you can do more! Love your music!

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Awesome. Enjoyed the beat and the groove. I'd listen to this on the radio and crank it up in the car. Seriously.

Congrats on the WIN!!!

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Congrats on completing your 50th song. Yeah!!! you can be proud of your accomplishment. I really like it, the vocals and melody. Fun to listen to.

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Congrats on 50. This is delightfully weird yet catchy. I like the "treated" drums and the way the guitars come in after a minute or so. Nice techno rocky pop!

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congrats on making 50. love thissong. it is like a dance hall remix of a song kurt cobain forgot to write...hope to see you back n february.