Ending 42 Years Driving In The ICE Parade

Ending 42 Years Driving In The ICE Parade

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Liner Notes: 

I scribbled down some random ideas at the green market on the local art organization campus where @ChipWithrow and I usually frequent on Saturday mornings. He teaches a yoga class. I usually take it, sometimes play music, eat some of the great food, and hang out enjoying the vibe and wonderful people. The song started out to be a meta-song for number 50. Sitting at the picnic table watching internal combustion engine cars traveling down McGregor Boulevard I remembered one of my title/theme ideas for this song arc is ICE parade. ICE is an acronym for internal combustion engine among car people. I came home, mowed the grass, took a nap, made pizza on the firepit and did a little editing on the words and put it to music.


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Ending 42 Years Driving In The ICE Parade

Intro E D E A
Fifty songs about EV’s isn’t that crazy
At one time it wasn’t a possibility

But I’ve learned anything is possible in this community
No more traveling in the ICE parade
Now I drive everywhere on only electricity
Leaving enough carbon in the atmosphere to grow more plants and trees

Verse F E
Reaching the end of September
Alternating current flow turns the corner for members
Finding the answer to the question of life the universe and everything
Is how long I’ve been traveling on internal combustion
42 years driving in the ICE parade
Without thinking about or checking where, where it was going
Numb to the rumbling tailpipe ahead and behind me
While I burned my own carbon
Now that is over


Verse F E
Yeah a few collaborations and instrumentals
aren’t about climate change or being sustainable
Just happy to be writing about solar panels and electric vehicles
Ending 42 years driving in the ICE parade
Ending 42 years driving in the ICE parade
For that I’m grateful

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Great guitars on this and cool vibe. 50 songs about electric cars is quite a feat and truly impressive as it heralds a needed change in our transportation practices. Thanks for helping us all learn!