Harmony of Song

Harmony of Song

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Liner Notes: 

My good friends Anita and Sara are getting married today. We were brought together through music and have had many happy moments playing ukulele together. Since many of their friends are through music they are setting up an open mic after the wedding for anyone who wants to share a song. Last night these words started bubbling up in me. The words are about their wedding day (it's outside on a lawn) and also about world peace and ukulele. All important things.

This was recorded in my kitchen with the laptop mic. I'm limitted to writing and recording during stolen moments. It's captured. I hope I can sing it to them today. I wasn't sure I'd get another song out of me this summer and then this happened. Music is magical!

P.S. I took time today (Monday 9/24) to do a better recording.


To chase away the blues
Music is what we choose
Melody can make our hearts grow strong
Love flowing within a song

I wish all the world could play
Can we give each one a ukule-le
Then Peace would come, we’d all get along
Our lives in harmony of song

Today we celebrate you two
Committing to love so true
Happy to have gathered on the lawn
As one of your sisters in song


All of us can do our part
With melody to heal each heart


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Love your voice and nice tribute to friendship and music.

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How beautiful Darci! Congrats to them too. I love it!

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This is gorgeous, Darci. Both the sentiment and music are so beautiful! I have been missing hearing your lovely voice. What does FUC mean?