Painted Hills

Painted Hills

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Liner Notes: 

This will probably be my last "song" song of this year's 50/90. Its sort of a mish mash of all the frailty surrounding life, and embracing eventual death of a loved one, of yourself.


Slow your head down
With hollow sounds
Way too loud

Fill your bedroom
With poetry
And pretty things

Calm your family
You're the echo
But there's room to grow
You still make time to glow

Follow me, follow me
To the painted hills
For wild beasts

You can be, you can be
On an endless ocean
Where you can sleep

Cool yourself off
Now take a walk
Ex marks the spot

Time to slow down
You're moving so fast
Next you hear a crash

Expose your skeleton
Release your senses
This seems so senseless
Well maybe that's what this is

(C)2018 Peter Arvidson Music
(C)2018 Sara Janda Art

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Frailty perhaps, but I find this a very inviting and reassuring lyric. Not at all confronting, comforting rather. And I'd like to be able to download it for future off-line reference! (Love the guitar sound btw, love to be able to capture that)

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You capture the fragility and frailty of life in the lyric and it is beautiful and compssionate with the follow me lines in the chorus and the advice ... the music is really beautiful. The poetry of the images and the insights regarding loss and death are gorgeous. The guitar is really lovely. Sad to think this may be the last song here from you - as such wishing you well on life's journey. I've really loved your music over the past 3 mo tha and look forward to hearing more in the future. May your soulful insights carry you forward with love and joy and may your music flourish.

Enjoyed this and your other songs. Sorry it's the last one for now. Love the deep introspection with a subject that's sad and difficult, but you put a positive spin on it. Good vocals and nice melody.

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Sweet vocal. Great imagery witb the lyrics. Love the title. Creates a cathartic atmosphere with the arrangement. Nice way to finish.

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Peter this is wonderful. If this is your last, what a great way to end. This song is pure perfection.

metalfoot's picture

What a beautiful song. Lovely way to end your 50/90!

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Good blend of peace inducing lyrics with a background that keeps moving it along. A good listen. I like the harmonies on the out chorus. Delicious!

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Damn fine guitar playing and I like your melody over it. Another fine song. This chorus is really good. Dude you're killing it this year.