From Anthracite Coal To Solar Panels

From Anthracite Coal To Solar Panels

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Liner Notes: 

The Song Skirmish Facebook group prompt this week is Family History/Family Heritage. I was trying to think of how to connect that to my sustainability/electric_vehicles/solar panels theme and huzzah, inspiration strikes.


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From Anthracite Coal To Solar Panels

The anthracite coal my father, his father, and his father dug
For the Anita Coal Mining Company
In mine number nine
Keep checking ventilation and drainage
Extracting the lower Freeport vein

90 something percent black carbon to burn for electricity
Is still feeding the grid
The Anita mine is bought by the Yenzi Coal Company

I want to mine power from the sun
Generated by solar panels tied to the main line
Lights, fans, and power for my electric Smart
Offset what I get from the grid
Sometimes even feeding it

Renewable energy from the sun to make my own electricity
cleaning the grid
In the 21st century

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A thought-provoking write; I like the connection you made between your actions now and the history of your family!

Hey, Andy! 49 down, 1 to go! I liked the story, the family coal history, and your solar. Guitar was good. Voice told story well, but was super heavy with effects. It made some words harder to understand, but added a cool mood. A trade-off, right?

I caught the change from Am coal to A solar. It was a clever way to show the transition!