The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

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Liner Notes: 

A Song Write Inn Trash and Treasure collaboration where @coolparadiso and I were paired. He offered the lyrics from earlier this 5090 and I put them to music in a quick write adding a final chorus.

Nicely musicated by Andy - i had not even considered what type of music so its was really nice to hear what Andy did - using some cool chords and a clever finish line J


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The Eyes Have It
Lyrics by John Nicholson

We should revise
Its no surprise
Ive heard your lies
And alibis

All those tries
And Many cries
All love dies
Don’t sympathise

Chorus 1
Another guise
Those Binding ties
Bright Shining eyes
And winning prize

Wherefores and whys
Might sensationalize
Without exercise
Might oversize

All the guys
And silent spies
Quick disguise
Dont Decriminalise

Repeat Chorus 1

Many highs
And silky thighs
Vast supplies
Another compromise

Don’t despise
Would be unwise
It all applies
To long goodbyes

Chorus 2
as the eyes
have it (sighs)

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Cool atmosphere with the lonesome guitar and echoes of remorse. i like the creeping high notes in the guitar part. Sliding down. Highs and thighs, good rhyme, it seems obvious but I don't think I've heard it a whole lot. Surprisingly.

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Oh, what a hauntingly cool guitar line. I like the melody here too. Nice use of the lyrics. Hooray for Song Write Inn Trash-to-Treasure!

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Well guys I enjoyed this collab! John - it’s like you wrote these lyrics just for Andy and Andy carries off this list song well in his spoken voice style. I especially liked the descending minor guitar motif throughout. Atmospheric!

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I like how you finger pick and strum your way through this, full of surprising chord changes, especially the one to the chorus. Like the line 'it all applies to long goodbyes' a lot. Was pleased to see and eager to listen to this collab.

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Very cool collab guys! Love the lyrics and Andy's strumming and vocals really resonate with me on this. Very well done