I Don’t Wanna Know

I Don’t Wanna Know

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50/90 Song #42 “I Don’t Wanna Know”

Liner Notes: 

Tuning: Open D


If I came around this time
Would you let me in?
Or leave me in the cold
Everything’s so undefined
Where do I begin?
Every day I’m wondering why

But keep me in the dark
My head is buried in the sand
I don’t wanna know
Don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know
Quitting at the start was never
A part of the plan
I don’t want to go

The silence is worst of all
Haven’t heard from you
But no news can be good news,
Can’t it?
Hiding out and killing time
Nothing else to do
Trying not to focus on what you said

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Love that falsetto in the chorus! And that guitar riff is so awesome. Ignorance sure does looks like bliss with such a catchy, toe tapping tune.

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Great groove wraps around the message of the song. Well done!