That One Moment

That One Moment

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Liner Notes: 

Roel says: I had a nice first version guitar & vocal only, but the singing was not very steady, to say the least. So I added a few more instruments and new vocals that ended up... hmmm, a little less out of tune. Biggrin
Thanks Cindy for the fine lyrics!

§ Roel


That One Moment
© 2018 Cindy Prince

We were friends from the first day
I loved everything I heard you say
I thought it would always stay that way

We were friends, nothing more
Until that spark ignighted my core
Now we can't go back like before

That one moment
And everything changed
That one moment
And my life was rearranged
That one moment
My heart expanded
And I am trying hard to understand
That one moment

Oh to gently kiss your lips
And kiss everyone of your fingertips

I didn't know how good it could be
The perfect match of you and me
Could this have been our destiny?

Repeat chorus

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I like this song, nice pacing, nice dynamics and feel. The lyric rings true for me, I could have written this about meeting my wife. "The moment" for us was stretched over weeks or months, but this song reminds me.

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Oh, this turned out very well! You got down the feeling I wanted and your choices for music were spot on. Great job!