In the Swamp

In the Swamp

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In the Swamp

Liner Notes: 

This piece is built around the C harmonic minor scale.
The music was created via virtual instruments on Mixcraft 6. The clarinet provides the main melody for the A sections, while for the first B section the oboe and English horn take over, and for the second B section the flute and piccolo perform the melody. Occasionally there are some timpani rolls and wood blocks as auxiliary percussion.
The English horn and piccolo are panned hard left, while the oboe and flute are panned hard right.

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I love harmonic minor, so I thoroughly enjoyed this. The ending caught me by surprise - I was expecting more of a resolve, ending on a sad note. Good job!

Yes, a great neoclassic feel to which one could tear into a marshall half stack face melting 30 sec or so elec guitar, or cello, ---- riff Clapping Music 2