Who Is The Number One Carmaker Really

Who Is The Number One Carmaker Really

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Liner Notes: 

A song inspired by a combination of electric vehicle news and posts on social media. Instead of replying there I channeled that energy into a song.


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Who Is The Number One Carmaker Really
Classical guitar tuned down a fourth like a baritone.

Who is the number one carmaker really
And why is that such a big deal
I just want an electric vehicle that is dependable and meets my needs
Our Smarts get us from point A to point B happily

Verse 1
Curmudgeony barbs from Bob Lutz
Aimed at Tesla and Elon Musk
There’s no such thing as bad publicity
I don’t care about Tesla
All I know is we love our two Smart EV’s

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1

Just one year in to EV ownership
and I’m getting sick of the EV politics
Just a big distraction from the things we need to fix
Like improving our air quality and improving road safety

Repeat Chorus

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Nice rant about the confusion of majors and minors here...!

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I actually like the Tesla. It's a nice looking car, and electric seems pretty appealing. Great bridge. Forget the politics. that's all partisan BS. Let's just do the right things and make the world better. On a side note, this also made me think of Tesla, the actual guy. His mind was so amazing. He could design things totally in his head without ever making a prototype and then run the tests in his head to know how and what need to be tweaked or fixed. Really brilliant man.