Old White Men [music for prior lyrics]

Old White Men [music for prior lyrics]

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Liner Notes: 

Music for prior lyrics post.
-- One take, while recording, first pass track


Old white men, what now..., do we do
If not for you what would now really really come due
Am C Em G
How many laws..., actions in kind, -- if not for you, you, you
G F Am G
What would now come due... ..., to do..., do, do

Old white men, what to do..., with the rest of you

What would happen now, if all you died..., just withdrew

What colored ageless sex power comes..., if unleashed..., their wild filled pen

What would now come due if not for you..., you, you

I hear old black women, direct their concerns for you

The back lash revelation that'll come, not Sixty Four again

What instead of Kennedy King and Church step skin, would've made due, to win

We see you can't win for winning, why then do what's right again not new

Yes..., what will come due, if not for you, you, you

How many faught and died..., killed brother and kin for you who do not do

How many beatings then grabbed their bats to win, then and now for you

Why was it again that they did anything at all? Why demand their help now again?

Oh yeah could'a been all their "fantasies" 'bout an unknown mocked God claimed dead?

Oh yeah could'a been the One, and today, still don't know Him yet fed

Oh yeah could'a been the other one instead, and not Him now for, your kin

What would come due, if not for You..., You, You...

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Thats a quintesential Ustaknow song! It was you from the first note of the first bar! I really enjoy the way you bend lyrics and music to your will! Im still trying to feel them as one! Mine are still just a partnership, a good partnership sometimes but not born together yours seem to be born to be together even though i know they are often done apart! Nice song!

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i can hear another voice on hear..some harmony parts, some call and response. kind of like jefferson airplane or big brother and the hilding company before the girls took over the whole show. you could get some really psychedelic eastern guitars raving up between some of the lines. i have to tell you, though,,i dont believe any of that old whte man stuff. old black men and old white men share the same afro-european heritage. when itcomes to cultural makrup,imjust as black as any so called black man, and any black man is just as white as me. we all grew up watching the same movies, going to the same schools, listening to the same musicbb king was asked if i whte boy could play the bluesm and he answered that any white boy could play the guitar as well or better than him...but not one of the, had his voice....dylan, on the other hand, said that whille blacks might have been better at the blues in the past, since they started going to college, they were no better at the blues than the white boys. he himself claimed t would take foiur black singers to br the equal of himself. that ight be going to far, but i see his point. i was playing some blues in the street one afternoon,and a black guy asked he could borrow my guitar and bplay a tume. i was all set to see myself aced out, but this gu went nto anote perfect version of james taylor;s fiireand rain. as for africans, i used to play with a guy from senegal. who was really into led zeppelin. so you see, around the world, we are all pretty much alike. all this old white man crap is nonsense...but i really like your song, craig.

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Been reading the comments with interest (here and on soundbards too). As a song, this has seriously gripping feel, the guitar arrangement and voice just ....go with each other. On the politics of it, @billwhite51 has said what I would like to, if I were more coherent after 1000km of solo driving...but hey, I'm a REALLY old white man (especially after that drive), so what would I know....on the cross-cultural growing-up-with-the-same-songs-movies etc, I got linked inseparably into US culture from reading too much MAD magazine from about 1958 on...and despite my seriously classical music training, my bedrock state is blues. And, the greatest American black opera, wholly true to the society, the mythos, and the music, was written by a nerdy white Jew boy, and his brother for lyrics. i would, however, like to see Twitter crash and burn.