Old White Men, -- what to do with you?

Old White Men, -- what to do with you?

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Liner Notes: 

If you don't need or want us, why demand our help, you racist, bigoted, gendercidal, misandry laden fools?
-- This morning, every mass-media "NEWS" ? outlet, EVERY one was krapping all over "old white men", or "white men"; -- much in the manner anyone might use any really offensive bigoted word. I could not change the station for "News" of any kind, only this. We may well be heading for a Race-Gender war, -- I guess we'll see? I'm sensitive to some of this stuff for a few reasons, but won't bore you with it. I actually am quite familiar with it, and pro-actively have attempted to educate myself beyond life experience, --plenty of that. No, I don't "educate" myself, via the "news"... ?

I even, had engaged a lengthy, very preliminary study, graduate paper that almost kept me from graduating with my 4.0/4.0 GPA... (circa 2013), -- loaded with the concerns of, for e.g., very old Black Women (one data set), concerned for, middle-class, college educated, employed white men; what could happen concerning white male backlash. (The only really brave interviews I had was with "old black women", --very concerned) This thesis was, what is called a "surprise" hypothesis, or additionally thesis element that presented itself within a lot of annecdotal qualitative data, to the point it then morphs into empirical, quantitative due to the "amount" of it. Now, to be very clear, this was derived from, -- fully in love, presented concerns, not solicited, and with a tremendous amount of itemized issues they railed against themselves, "intra-racism", -- daily that they do not "like" nor want in their "community" (their community?, -- America? full of * "Americans"?) I agree; me too. It's surprising who'll talk to you and what about, if you just ask, then sit and LISTEN? Wink Is it possible that the "glue" that binds "America" is "old Black women"... better pray they live long enough to hand off their effect? If you can't count on "White Men", or refuse too... then, what you got? -- THINK?

-- What would happen if every single white male, everywhere, in this Country, US Citizens disappeared, gone, what would happen? (*) 'Careful what you wish for... there's allot of history to study concerning these very stupid spewings likely funded by a long list of anti-American enemies... China, N. Korea, Iran, ... ... ...

Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy

-- You?

Feel free... as always, I solicit, I don't respond ... fire away Wink


Old white men, what now do we do
If not for you what would now really..., really come due
How many laws..., actions in kind, -- if not for you, you, you
What would now come due, to do..., do, do

Old white men, what to do..., with the rest of you
What would happen now, if you all died..., just withdrew
What colored ageless sex power comes..., if unleashed their wild filled pen
What would now come due if not for you..., you, you

I hear from very old black women, direct their concerns for you
The back lash revelation that'll come, not Sixty Four again
What instead of Kennedy King and Church step skin, would've been made due, to win
We see you can't win for winning, why then do what's right again not new

Yes..., what will come due, if not for you, you, you
How many faught and died, killed brother and kin for you who do not do
How many beatings then grabbed their bats to win, then and now for you
Why was it again that they did anything at all? Why demand their help now again?

Oh yeah could'a been all their "fantasies" 'bout an unknown mocked God claimed dead?
Oh yeah could'a been the One, and today, you still don't know Him yet fed
Oh yeah could'a been the other one instead, and not Him now for your kin
What would come due, if not for You..., You, You...

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Right on brother, I hear you. Most likely lyin' news whippin' up hatred of the uninformed. Using the clueless, so sad. Good write.